The Jolly Sailor
~~Team                  Venue                          Tel no                   Captain                       Tel number 
Jolly sailor           Jolly Sailor               01727 893982     Lee Fernadez              07985 440980 
Jolly Tars             Jolly Sailor               01727 893982    Dave                            07973 360639 
Golden Lion         Golden Lion london colney  01727 828341    Elaine
Hatfield road   Hatfiels road social club   01727 853161  Martin Fradley          077730 162920 
Camp - ions        The Royston Club     01727 853656     John Farmer               07792 776460 
Peacock              The Peacock             01727 843140    John Reynolds           07852 435412 
                     June 2nd                                                                                 July 7th  
           Jolly Tars 4 V 5 Jolly sailor                                                         Jolly sailor 4 V 5 Jolly Tars 
     Hatfield Road  V                                                                                                    V Hatfield Road   
         Camp-ions 6 V 3 Peacock                                                               Peacock 3 V 6 Camp - ions 
                    June 9th                                                                                 July 14th   
                                V  Jolly Tars                                                        Jolly Tars V 
             Peacock 6 V 3 Hatfield road                                              Hatfield Road 7 V 2 Peacock 
          Jolly sailor 2 V 7 Camp - ions                                                 Camp - ions 5 V  4 Jolly sailor 
                June 16th                                                                                     July 21st
                                 V     Jolly sailor                                                      Jolly Sailor V 
         Camp - ions 6 V 3 Hatfield road                                               Hatfield road 7 V 2  Camp - ions 
              Jolly Tars 5 V 4 Peacock                                                           Peacock 4 V 5 Jolly Tars 
                   June 23rd                                                                                     August 11th    
          Camp - ions  V                                                                                                 V Campions
         Hatfield road 4 V 5 Jolly Tars                                                            Jolly Tars V Hatfield Road
            Jolly sailor 7 V 2 Peacock                                                                Peacock V Jolly sailor 
                  July 30th                                                                                    August 18th    
                  Peacock  V                                                                                                    V Peacock
          Hatfield road 4 V 5 Jolly sailor                                                          Jolly sailor V Hatfield Road 
              Jolly Tars 3 V 6 Camp - ions                                                     Camp - ions V Jolly Tars 
         There are no Games on Tueday July 28th or Tueday August 4th
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