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Coming up this week

Today 24/1

Live Sport

 South Africa vs England (8am)Test Matches


 Sunderland vs Doncaster (7:45pm)English League One


 Northampton vs Derby (8pm)English FA Cup


Karaoke (9pm)starts at 9pm to 02.00am

Tomorrow 25/1

Live Sport

 Brentford vs Leicester (12:45pm)English FA Cup


 Hull vs Chelsea (5:30pm)English FA Cup


Karaoke (9pm)Every Saturday until 2am

Sunday 26/1

Live Sport

 Man City vs Fulham (1pm)English FA Cup


 Tranmere vs Man Utd (3pm)English FA Cup


 Shrewsbury vs Liverpool (5pm)English FA Cup


Poker Night (8pm)

Monday 27/1

Live Sport

 South Africa vs England (8am)Test Matches


 Bournemouth vs Arsenal (8pm)English FA Cup

Tuesday 28/1

Live Sport

 South Africa vs England (8am)Test Matches


 Aston Villa vs Leicester (7:45pm)English League Cup


Quiz Night (9pm)

next Wednesday 29/1

Live Sport

 Man City vs Man Utd (7:45pm)English League Cup